Why Cleveland Cavaliers K-Love Gets No Love…Even in Playoffs

I cant figure out why K Love can get murdered under the basket, but very rarely ever gets calls.

Is it because he is white?

Is it because he is viewed as soft? A stretch four who doesn’t necessarily prefer to play tough under the hole….

I saw two or three separate occasions during last nights game where Love had a Toronto player literally climbing up his back, and it was all he could do to tip the ball away, and there was still no call!

It is to the point this year that it seems like he isn’t even surprised by the lack of calls and doesn’t even complain any more!

And don’t even get me started on the officiating as a whole….

We are in the 2nd round of the playoffs and in the second half last night there was a horrible foul called on a LeBron steal attempt on Jonas Valenciunas, and the announcer had the nerve to say that it was a make-up call to make up for a bad call against Kyle Lowry on a foul on Kyrie.

It’s a joke.

Love gets no love.




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