My First Show on Sports Talk Radio

Wow! Well that is finally over with! The anticipation almost killed me, but I got through my first  show.

It started out with me going through my entire intro music (that I worked hard to make myself) and the entire first segment only to realize during the first break that my mic was turned waaaayyyyyy down.

That’s right….dead air. For an entire segment.

HaHa, but it is all good. I rebounded and in no time my nerves were gone. My buddy Damian came over from Northcoast Underground and spent two segments with me which really helped.

From here on out I am going to have different guests with me every week I think. Talking for two hours all alone is not an east thing to do at all! Having someone else to fill gaps and bounce ideas off of is such a valuable tool to have.



am going to keep plugging away at it…this is what I love.

No matter how tough it was, I loved it, and cannot wait to get on the air again this Tuesday at 2pm!


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