Breathe Jay….Breathe

No matter what I have been through or where I feel that I am in life, I feel like I have to remind myself to stop and breathe sometimes.


I have this habit of getting so wrapped up in something that I overwhelm myself, and the normal stresses of the day or of life added to my self inflicted insanity can seem out of control!

For someone who was in the Marines….went to college….battled more than my share of demons…you wouldn’t think that I would let myself get so worked up with nonsense. I should be one cool customer under stress.


I have to remind myself to stay focused on the task at hand. I work Lake County Captains games the next two days, and I am going to my first Cleveland Predators practice Saturday to start yet another venture doing play by play announcing for them. I also have a show on Friday and I am having my first guest.

This is the stuff I love. This is good stress.

If I could somehow figure out a way to remove the inconsequential, unsolicited negative people and negative feelings things would be so much easier. But then again I am sure that applies to everyone and everything.

I am not unique, and no matter what my mom might tell me, my agenda isn’t always priority.

The important thing is I march on to see another day. I am not going anywhere.


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