So Much for the Cavs Being Rusty

I decided to kind of “live blog” during the Cavs game. It was a little hard to stay focused on the game while typing, but at the same time I needed a break because no matter the score, I am on the edge of my seat! The Cavs won 117-104 but the final doesn’t tell the whole story of how the Cavs dominated.

Here is my attempt at a “live blog” for game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Enjoy!


It is halftime of the Cavs vs Celtics in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals and so far the Cavs have made the Celtics look like a D-League team. There was a lot of talk about how nine days off would impact the Cavs in this game. Well, it is 61-39 Cavs.

I was tired about hearing how great Boston’s week was. They won game seven against the Wizards…they got the overall first pick….yeah and the luck of the Irish ran out! There are a few things that stood out so far in this first half, so I am going to break them down now during half time and I will come back and finish this post after the game.


First, LeBron is scoring at will. As he gets older it seems that he gets better the more rest he gets. Nine days off did him some real good. Even on Smart who has some size on LeBron…he doesn’t care. Drive on him, pull up on him, everything is dropping. Boston is down 22 and Isiah Thomas hit a three at the buzzer, so it should have been worse!

Second, Kevin Love has turned into the ultimate team player. It was obvious that the Cavs wanted to get him started early. He was a little quiet against Toronto, mostly because of Serge Ibaka, but he is playing with energy and is active on the boards. Being the third of the “Big Three” it is essential he takes on that role and he has really embraced it.

That’s it for the first half….Ill be back after the game!

So the Celtics really made a run in the 3rd, and it was mostly thanks to Marcus Smart. He was playing really feisty. The Cavs don’t have that Anderson Varejao or Delly that can be a high energy, annoying to the opponent type guy. Tristan Thompson is the energy guy, but not as much annoying. I hope the Cavs texted Kendrick Perkins and said “you up?”.


The Cavs got the lead back over 20 after it had gotten down to 15, but the Cavs were a little complacent and let the Celtics get a little too close for comfort in the 4th. At one point Boston had cut the Cavs lead to 16. The game is all but over, but somehow the Celtics have gotten it down to an 11 point deficit. They are hitting everything, including plenty of threes.

It is clear to me, and I think most other NBA fans, that the Cavs and Warriors are a cut above the rest of the league. They are no doubt on a collision course in the finals. The Cavs need to make quick work of the Celtics because it looks like the Warriors will finish the Spurs pretty quick and they definitely don’t want to go into the finals beat from a long series while Golden State got plenty of rest. However, there is part of me that thinks a challenge would be good for the Cavs.

We will see. That’s why they play the game!

Some final stats for the night:

Kevin Love- 32pts 12reb

LeBron James- 38pts 9reb 7ast

Tristan Thompson- 20pts 9reb 2ast


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