Cavs Dominate Warriors Behind LeBron’s 9th Finals Triple Double


A different team showed up tonight at Quicken Loans Arena for game four of the NBA Finals. Kyrie Irving had 40 points in by far his best playoff performance of the year, JR Smith was finally able to knock down big shots, and Tristan Thompson was able to shake off the Kardashian curse. Put that all together with LeBron’s record 9th Finals triple double and the Cavs were able to pull off 49 points in the first quarter and a 21 point victory.


I am not the type of guy to play the “what if” game, but just for a second lets just pretend the Cavs didn’t have that freak meltdown at the end of game three….this is a tied series at 2-2.

But forget all of the “what if’s” the Cavs did exactly what they needed to do in game four which was to win one game. The series is right back to 3-1 in favor of the Warriors going back to Golden State just like last year.

The officiating in this game was absolutely atrocious. Draymond Green was called for a technical foul at the end of the first quarter, and then was called for a second in the third. The refs met up at the scoring table with Ty Lue, and Green was not leaving the floor which led to some confusion with the TV announcers. Eventually it comes out that the first quarter tech was actually called on Steve Kerr, and Green would be able to stay in the game.

Later in the third ZaZa Pachulia clearly punched Iman Shumpert in the groin area twice, bringing back memories of Draymond Green from last years playoffs. The refs reviewed the play, and it was called a double tech! I would be shocked if the league did not come down on Pachulia with at least a fine, and possibly a suspension.


The Cavs set a finals record with 24 3-point shots made, going 24-45 from beyond the arch. They were able to shoot 53% overall from the field which was huge because Golden State did manage 116 points.

The one complaint I did have about tonight’s game was the Cavaliers performance from the charity stripe. 67% in the finals against a team like Golden State just is not going to cut it.

Other than shooting, the two teams were about even in every other statistical category. Rebounds were 41-40 in favor of the Cavs, Assists 27-26 Cavs, steals 6-5 Cavs, and turnovers 12-11 in favor of the Cavs.

Let’s be honest, it will take more than one game to change the momentum of the series, but the Cavs and Believeland have a renewed sense of hope. Game five Monday at Oracle Arena is going to be absolutely huge for this series.

Richard Jefferson after the game-“If we win game five, we are going seven.”

The chances of the Cavs coming back and winning the series? I’d say 1 in 1,000,000…..


So you are telling me there is a chance……



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