Cavs Front Office Without Leader at Worst Possible Time

During arguably the most important offseason in recent memory (other than the return of King James) the Cavaliers are without a General Manager. Monday morning all of the sports talk stations and ESPN had rumors about Paul George coming here in a trade, and then it was Carmello, and finally Jimmy Butler….but by the end of the day there was no trade, and the announcement was made that the Cavs and David Griffin would be parting ways.


The announcement was that David Griffin and owner Dan Gilbert didn’t agree on the direction of the franchise. Didn’t agree on the direction of the franchise!?!?!? The team is all in financially right now…there are only two options, continue balls out, adding any and every piece that the Cavs can get their hands on, or break it up.


Dan Gilbert giving David Griffin the “L” for Loser

The Warriors made their move adding Kevin Durant last offseason, and now it is the Cavaliers turn. How can they make moves without a captain at the helm of the ship? The Cavs need continuity and stability. Dan Gilbert has not resigned a GM since buying the Cavaliers. They have all been one contract and done.

The rumors are that Dan Gilbert is a very hands on owner and hard to work with for a GM. I don’t know how hard it can be to manage a team with the best player in the world, one of the best point guards, one of the best power forwards, and one of the best collection of bench shooters in the league…but hopefully Gilbert has someone competent running the show until he replaces Griffin.






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