No, I Did Not Vote and Yes, I Will Complain


First off, I am very familiar with the idea that those who do not vote have no right to complain about government and its elected officials…. that is ridiculous.

I don’t think that anyone should vote for a candidate that they are not comfortable with just for the sake of voting. I understand that voting is not just a right, but it is a responsibility of every American, but unfortunately our current two party system has made a lot of voters make a decision between what is seen as a choice between a lesser of two evils.


While you may think that I am all about sports, I actually spend just as much if not more time keeping up with politics. The main difference between the two is that I follow sports because I really enjoy it, whereas I follow politics because it impacts my life and my future on a daily basis.

I am beyond disturbed by the current political climate in this country. Everything is taken to the extreme…no compromise…black and white…good or bad.

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When Obama care was being passed, Republicans made it out to be the worst thing ever, talking about death panels, and even having ads where a grandma is pushed off a cliff in a wheelchair.


Now it is the other way around. President Trump wants health care reform-people will die, tax reform-it will kill people. Everything in life, and especially politics, isn’t life or death believe it or not.



Rep Steve Scalise was shot a few weeks ago and I was genuinely hopeful at the unity that seemed to come from it. Maybe the left and right could come together for a change and get some things accomplished….

It lasted about two days.

It seems that politicians have either lobbyist (money), or re-election in mind with everything they do instead of representing their constituency and more importantly America. Instead of bi-partisan legislating, we had eight years of Obama pushing his agenda (and a ton of executive orders), and that’s followed up by Trump and his Republican congress spending a vast majority of their time so far rolling back everything that the prior administration did and trying to set up their agenda.

What’s next? A Democrat in the White House who is going to spend his time changing what trump is doing now?

We aren’t getting anywhere like this. No progress is being made. We are simply treading water and the average American is being forgotten while politicians play to their base, which tends to be people on the extreme ends of the political spectrum.


It seems that so few Americans are willing to listen to anything from either the person that they didn’t vote for or from the party that they are not affiliated with.

Many Democrats see President Trump as pure evil simply because he isn’t a member of the party they normally vote for.


Like I said before-black or white, right or wrong, good or evil, one or the other, with no room for compromise.


The job of every politician is to improve America. Sure, Democrats and Republicans have different ideas on how to do that, but lets keep in mind that no party is out to hurt anyone!

They all want to make America a better place, they just have different ideas on how to make that happen.

Very few things in life are absolutely binary, good or bad.┬áTry to keep an open mind….just try it you may be pleasantly surprised.

Politicians are reactionary based on what they think voters want. If voters are open minded to compromise, their representatives will have to be also.






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