Loss Never Gets Easier

Life happens on its own schedule, and just doesn’t care what you are doing or have going on. When a young, normal guy can go from walking on a beach one second, to gone literally the next… It kind of helps to put things into perspective.

I moved to  Cleveland from Akron a few years ago because the heroin/opioid epidemic was running through so many people that I had grown up with, and plenty that I was even stillfriends with. I got to the point that it permeated every facet of life, and it was too much.

About a year ago, even after I had left Akron, and most everyone there behind, I found out that my best friend from High School, and up until a few years ago had passed. It reminded me that no matter how good things are going in life, loss is never far away and it doesn’t care what you are doing or if you want it.

That brings me to today….

I started writing for NEOSportsInsiders.com just a few weeks ago, and Matt Medley has been my contact and editor since day one. I was familiar with him through twitter prior to working for him, so we seemed to hit it off right away. Being one of my first writing jobs, it was nice having someone that I knew a little, but that was so helpful and knowledgeable there for anything I needed at any time.

I just got online to write for another site and I see the message that Matt had passed away.

I had not spoken to Matt since Sunday because he had left for vacation a few days before, so I was trying not to bother him too much. Even when I did text or email him, he still answered right away and wasn’t bothered at all…or didn’t let me know he was at least.

Last week I had a big issue with OMS not wanting me to miss class to go cover something for NEO, but Matt stuck up for me and calmly talked me down, and took care of everything.  He was a sense of calm and reason when I lacked both.

I am not implying in any way that his passing was a result of drugs, that is just part of my reason for moving here when I did and part of my story, but once again, life is going great and loss comes out of nowhere.

I am not trying to make this about me at all. The point of this post is just to express my feelings literally as I found out the news…


To the NEOSportsInsiders.com family: I am truly sorry. Just in my brief time working for/with Matt, I can see why so many from OMS wanted to work with the site, and seemed to really enjoy it.

I guess this should just remind us all that life is short. It is cliche, but true that any day could be our last, so live it to the fullest. I think we could all benefit from being a little more like Matt Medley.


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