Life is Too Short to Hate

Life is so short. Unfortunately we have to be reminded of this fact from time to time. When we go extended periods of time without any significant loss, we can get caught up in our day to day life, and not see the big picture.

The big picture is that life is incredibly short. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, and as I have learned all too much recently, anyone can be gone tomorrow just like that.

Why take up our precious days on this Earth with anger, resentment, and hate? It accomplishes nothing, and only wastes our limited time that we have here. I had a friend named Dave that I had an argument with one day over something completely inconsequential.  Two days later, Dave was gone. He passed away in his sleep in his early 30’s.

Why did I waste the last few precious days I had with him in a fight? Sure, I did not know he was going to pass, but that should not matter. I should have known that any day could have been his last, and deep down I am sure I did. We have a habit as human to think “it wont happen to us” or “it wont be any time soon” when it comes to death.

We have no idea when it will come. Life is too short to fill it with hate and anger. Try to remember that the next time you have an argument, especially with a friend. It is hard to learn these things after someone you care about is gone, especially when there is something that could be done while they are still here.


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