Us vs Them Mentality Only Furthers Divisiveness

It baffles me how there can be such hatred in this country among Americans. A lot of the young people today are too young to remember September 11th, 2001, but I am not. There were American flags everywhere I looked, and there was a sense of unity. Almost everyone was on the same page, democrat, republican, black, white, gay, straight, it simply did not matter.

How far we have come…

This is not just about everything that happened in Charlottesville and the resulting divisiveness, but it has inspired me to write this. Americans with so much in common want to hurt each other over political beliefs or an ideology? Really?!

The ridiculous part is that we all want the same thing, we just have different ideas on how to accomplish it (as far as political affiliation). We all just want to be able to have a good job, and pay bills, and have a nice house in a safe neighborhood to raise a family. We all want to better the country and leave it better for the next generation. We all want to help those less fortunate. We all want the same thing for the most part.

Because those of another political party have different ways of achieving these things, they are often made out to be less than human. Republicans want to kill people with their healthcare bill. Democrats want “Death Panels” and to have illegal Mexicans killing our children (Kates law).

None of this is true. Guess what? Republicans and Democrats both have to leave this country to their children. They both have families, and I can guarantee none want to kill their families with their legislating. Get it together people, seriously. It is not “us versus them” or “right or wrong”. Life is not always binary.

I am not a Republican or a Democrat, nor did I vote for our current President, but guess what? He won. It is over, get over it! He has children and grandchildren, should I really believe that he is a Nazi, and wants to hurt people to promote his business? Get real. He wants to better America, he just sees a different way to accomplish that than a lot of people.

I fought for this country by enlisting in the Marines about eight weeks after 9/11 because I believe in America and what it stands for. It seems that we have lost that.

Liberals believe that anything a conservative proposes is wrong and bad, and will hurt people. While conservatives think everything those on the left want to do will hurt the average, white, working American. It is not 1’s and 0’s…right or wrong.

Please, don’t fight each other, your fellow Americans. We all want a better America!


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